About Mr. Nature

Mr. Nature is Anthony Marc Aldinger

Born and raised in Tucson, AZ, I am known amongst friends and family as Mr. Nature. I am a father, a musician and a storyteller!

Ever since I can remember music, books and the great outdoors have been an incredibly strong and positive force in my life! I have had the privilege of creating and providing music, crafts and story time programs for children – first, through my Music Hour with Nature program at Bookmans, and then by creating Tunes & Tots, provided through City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department. Sharing stories and music are my callings in life and I’m taking it to the next level!

I desire to provide these fun and engaging programs for everyone, young and old. Music and storytelling is an incredible tool that promotes the building of strong social skills like kindness, sharing, teamwork, confidence, literacy and compassion! Thank you for visiting!

PeaceLove, Mr. Nature