The Garden Crew

Brother Bear Eli
Mr. Nature’s brother-from-another-mother, Eli is a world traveler, bee keeper, song writer, book lover, poet and friend! A multi-instrument player, it is rare to catch him without some kind of instrument of music in his hands! Eli accompanies Mr. Nature on many shows around Arizona and has played a crucial part in the uprising of Mr. Nature’s Music Garden! He will be working closely with Mr. PoTom providing “Elder Jams“, a music program enriching our elder community! Welcome Brother Bear, Eli! Let’s Jam! 🙂



Mr. PoTom
A long time music mentor and pal of Mr. Nature, Tom is a kayaker, song writer, artist, band leader, nature walker, poet and friend! Tom loves music and can play the piano, guitar, upright bass and pretty much any instrument he gets his hands on! Now retired from his work at Personally Delivered, he has joined up with Mr. Nature’s Music Garden to provide programming specializing in music for our elders, called “Elder Jams“, an interactive music program enriching our elder community! You can spot PoTom jamming around with Mr. Nature and also in his own musical adventures, “Po the Band” and “Undercover”, to name a few! Welcome, Mr. PoTom! Let’s Jam! 🙂



Miss CoCo
A lover of peace and a friend to all, Coppelia, aka Miss CoCo, is a storyteller, origami master, a nurse, world traveler, poet, and loves to jam on her Ukulele! When she is not busy traveling the world or taking care of people as a nurse, Miss CoCo comes out and sings, dances and tells stories with Mr. Nature’s Music Garden! Welcome Miss CoCo! Let’s Play! 🙂



Sir Thomas
Our pal Sir Thomas is a storyteller, a food lover, an internet surfer, a builder and loves to do voices! A student at Chapel Haven West, you can catch Sir Thomas out with Mr. Nature’s Music Garden reading stories and jamming along! Welcome Sir Thomas! Let’s read! 🙂